The Oil Color Set contains all the needed materials for oil color painting. You can use turpentine or odorless white spirit as a solvent for the oil colors included in this Oil Color Set.

The Oil Color Set contains the following products:

Two Canvas Panels suitable for Oil Colors. Sizes 33×41cm & 27×35 cm.

One Color Palette size A4 containing 40 palette sheets for mixing colors.

For mixing and painting one Palette Knife.

Charcoals for drawing and sketching. Package contains 6 pcs of 6-7mm sized charcoals.

For painting, set of 12 brushes suitable for oil colors in sizes 2 to 24.

Bottle (500ml) of odorless white spirit for cleaning and as a solvent.

Bottle of Painting Medium suitable for the turpentine solvent oil colors (75ml).

Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Color set which contains 10 tubes of oil colors (38ml). The oil colors of the Georgian Oil Color set can be thinned with turpentine or odorless white spirit.

Georgian Oil 10×38ml oil color set contains the following colors: titanium white, lemon yellow, cadmium yellow pale hue, crimson alizarin, french ultramarin, permanent green light, viridian hue, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, ivory black.


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Oil Color Set (turpentine solvent)

Oil Color Set (turpentine solvent)

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