inkAID Clear Matte provides a translucent matte finish which allows the underlying colors or image on the substrate to appear through the coating with the very low gloss level characteristic of a matte finish. Clear Matte has good adhesion to most smooth, nonporous surfaces as well as any absorbent material such as paper, canvas, or cloth. Clear Matte can be used with any printer including those with tracking (pizza) wheels without causing any marking in the print.

inkAID Clear Matte can appear slightly glossy when first applied, but dries to a translucent, coating with a matte finish.

When coating paper, after the coating has dried, it may be necessary to press the sheets between two flat surfaces with weight placed on top overnight to smooth out any waviness. For large sheets, it may be helpful to “reverse roll” the sheet (inkAID coated side out) onto a large diameter (6+ inches) cardboard tube to help remove curl and facilitate passage through the printer.

Some modification to your color settings or profile may be necessary for optimal color, especially if you are working on a non-white surface where the inks will be blending with the surface color. Use a “gloss or semi-gloss” printer setting as a starting point. inkAID Clear Matte is not water resistant and should be top coated with a solvent based coating.

Please notice! InkAid Products are not allowed to freeze. Therefore shipping and handling times may be extended during winter season.


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Clear Matte

Clear Matte

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