inkAID Clear Gloss Type II coating provides a clear, gloss surface that allows the underlying surface to show through. Printed images are clear and vibrant, with deep blacks. It contains an adhesive material that provides very good adhesion to non-porous materials such as aluminum, copper, metal foil, marble and plastics such as Mylar, Lexan, Plexiglas, and Acetate. It can also be used on porous materials such as watercolor and printmaking papers, Japanese rice paper and other handmade and specialty papers, fabrics, canvas, wallpaper, and wood veneer. Non-porous surfaces require one heavy coat while porous materials will need a light to moderate coating applied. inkAID Clear Gloss Type II is not water resistant. If the print is to be top coated use only solvent based top coatings and varnishes.

Please notice! InkAid products are not allowed to freeze, therefore shipping and handling times may be extended during winter season.


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