Degas SpectraFix Fixative is a casein-based fixative which utilizes milk protein and grain alcohol to provide you with a non-toxic workable, fully archival fixative for paster, charcoal, conté, graphite, colored pencil or watercolor.

SpectraFix Fixative is all natural non-toxic and odor free.

Directions: Spray an even layer of SpectraFix over your work and allow 1-2 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate before re-spraying or re-working. Occasional spraying during the working process enables deep layering of pastel, ensures a strong hold and helps maintain chromatic control. If desired, brush while still wet to create washes with pastel. SpectraFix dries to an invisible matte finish.

Contains 360ml

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SpectraFix Fixative

SpectraFix Fixative

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