Kolibri Brushes are hand crafetd in Germany. Kolibri Brushes are traditional hand crafted brushes and they are manufactured since 1989. Each Kolibri brush is high quality individual brush which meets the highest requirements of artists.

By using Kolibri Brushes the artists can support the hand craft traditions and get the perfect results for their work. "High quality work starts with a high quality brush".

Only high quality materials like ox hair, squirrel hairI, sable hair and quills are used in manufacuring the Kolibri Brushes. There are also available Kolibri Brushes with synthetic hair. Kolibri Brushes are available for acrylics, oils and for water colors.

Welcome to Itäisenkadun Kehystämö store and get to know Kolibri brushes. We deliver Kolibri brushes also by mail order.


Kolibri Brushes

Kolibri Brushes

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