Rabbit Skin Glue is used to size Canvas or Linen before oil painting and before applying gesso in order to protect the fibers on canvas / linen. Rabbit Skin Glue tightens the fabric. Rabbit Skin Glue is the traditional size when painting with oil colors.

Sprinkle 3,5g (1 level desert spoon) of the granules into 100ml water in a double boiler or glue pot, heat gently, stirring continuously, until glue is dissolved. Apply the warm liquid size to streched canvas by brushing out thinly. This size loses it’s strength. with repeated heating. Prepare only as much size as you need. Use double strength size and two coats for right supports (wood panels etc.)

Package contains 500 grams of rabbit skin glue in granules.

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La Doratura Granulated Rabbit Skin Glue

La Doratura Granulated Rabbit Skin Glue

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