Taiteilija-Gesso is a widely used ground that is a combination of titanium acrylate and other chemicals that ensure flexibility, and increase archival life.

Taiteilija-Gesso is non-absorbent acrylic polymer base. It's premixed and used for priming panels and canvas for oil or acrylic painting.

Priming your canvas by applying a layer or two of Taiteilija-Gesso to the surface will help the colors in your work really stand out. When using oil colour on canvas, and the canvas is poorly primed, the oil may sink into the canvas and leave dull patches on the surface of your painting. Priming also gives the canvas a smoother surface to work on and allows your brush to flow much better.

Contains 1 liter of Gesso.

1 liter of Taiteilija-Gesso weighs 1,5kg

Please notice: Taiteilija-Gesso can't be allowed to freeze. Therefore shipping times may be extended during winter season.


14,00 €
1 pcs


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